Utility Scale Solar PV

Technology that silently converts sunlight into electricity during daylight hours

Solar Photovoltaics (PV) technology silently converts sunlight into electricity during daylight hours. The energy arriving at the Earth from our star is sufficient to meet humanity’s need for electrical power many 1000s of times over. Even in a moderately sunny country like the UK it can already make a significant contribution to our energy needs. In time, solar PV, wind and other renewables in conjunction with other renewables in conjunction with other renewable batteries and other storage technologies will be able to provide all of our electricity.

Between 2012 and 2016 Renewable Power developed 90MW of field scale PV projects in the South West of the UK, all of which are now operational.

Now that the UK Government has decided to withdraw support for solar PV and most other forms of renewables, we have moved our focus to working with our partner Immersa to develop solar projects in other European Countries and Africa.

Our Largest Solar Energy Site

Near Melksham in Wiltshire our 50MW project was commissioned in March 2016. Although one of the largest projects in the country, the site has low visual impact and no extensive off-site cable run because it connects directly to a 132 KiloVolt pylon on-site. The installation provides on average the electricity needs of about 14,000 households.

Project Partners

Other Projects

  • 7.4Megawatts

    Renewable Power's first field scale solar energy site at 7.4MW Culmhead Aerodrome was commissioned and connected in 2013, despite the twin challenges of being located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and close to a Scheduled Mottnument Culmhead Aerodrome approximately 1.5km northeast of Churchstanton and 8km southeast of Wellington generates clean, economic electricity with minimal impact on the countryside.

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  • 28Megawatts

    At Cambridge, Gloucestershire, we chose the location for a 28MW solar farm to be as far away as possible from sensitive views from the Cotswolds with the result that half of the site is susceptible to flooding from the sea. A creative approach to design and engineering was needed. Nearby Actrees 5MW solar farm has started generating clean renewable electricity in January 2016.

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