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Renewable Power is keen to take utility scale battery storage solar projects into planning over the next 6 months, for construction in 2016/17. While average power demand is falling, the peaks of demand are paradoxically increasing - storage is a far better solution than more polluting fossil fuel generation capacity.

We want to talk to landowners with land adjacent to large sub-stations. We can commit to a good rent, providing you with a secure income over 25+ years.

The rent achievable will depend on a number of factors such as location and grid connection availability and capacity. We will be completely transparent about these factors and the rent that we can offer.

If there is a will to proceed then we enter an "Option and Lease" agreement with you. If planning consent is achieved for the project then the lease commences and provides for at least 25 years of secure income for you and your successors in title. The obligations under the lease remain with whoever eventually owns the project - usually a pension fund or similar organisation.
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Unlike other developers we will not take options on land for projects we cannot deliver in a short time frame. We will make it completely clear to you what the time scales are.

contact us if you would like to know more.

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