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If you own land bordering a stream which descends steeply, or land beside a river where there is existing infrastructure such as a weir or a leat, you may have a viable site for hydropower.

We offer a full range of services, from selling you the right turbine for your site, to full project management and installation of your hydropower scheme. As an alternative, we can develop, own and operate the hydropower scheme on land leased from you, and pay you an attractive rent and free electricity in return.

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What we like about hydropower:
- It is
- It is
efficient: offering ‘water to wire’ energy transfer of up to 85%
- It is
proven technology
- It is
- It is
- It is
consistent: the rain falls, streams and the rivers flow to the sea, evaporation from the sea brings more rain, and so the cycle continues.

The services we offer include: - sales of all kinds of turbines - detailed feasibility analysis, to allow you to assess the merits of your scheme - application for abstraction and/or impoundment licence with the Environment Agency - application for planning permission with the planning authority - advice on ecological issues - negotiation with stakeholders - arrangement of project finance - detailed engineering and system design - project management of the installation process through to commissioning.

We are lead consultants for a major utility company in the planning and development of a number of hydropower sites in the 100-500kW power output range.

If you think you may have a site which is suitable for hydropower
then please
contact us.

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