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Gasification is a technology for the sustainable generation of heat and power with a track record dating back 150 years.

It is a much more efficient mechanism for unlocking the latent energy in biomass that simple combustion. The gasification process operates at a very high temperature, with restricted input of air, producing an energy rich gas. This 'syngas' is then burnt for heat or electricity generation.

We are UK distributors of gasification systems for New Energy GmbH of Germany. New Energy has developed a powerplant using downdraft gasification technology in connection with especially converted gas gensets for the use of the syngas. Sites using this gasification technology can be visited across Europe. Currently New Energy is building a 1.2MWe powerplant in Croatia. Gasification technology qualifies for both UK Government ROC payments for the electricity AND Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments for the heat. The returns on investment can be excellent.

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Any business with a substantial demand for heat and/or power should consider gasification technology. To install a gasifier requires:
-Space on site for the system
-Ready access to a good supply of woody biomass
-Roads and turning areas for delivery of biomass
-Space on site to store the material

If you think gasification technology would suit your business, please contact us. We are always interested to talk to landowners with sizeable woodlands, sawmills, and suppliers of woodfuel/waste wood and other biomass.

contact us if you would like to know more.

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