Battery Storage

Batteries allow for the use of clean energy when it is most needed

Battery storage is an essential part of the low carbon energy picture needed to balance the grid, provide power at peak periods (without burning fossil fuels) and to accelerate the installation of clean renewable energy such as solar and wind.

We are developing our own 30MW field scale battery storage project next to Taunton sub-station that will be built mid-2018. This site is part of a significant pipeline of more than 300MW currently going through the planning stages. We are currently seeking investment and buyers for storage projects, so invite relevant organisations and individuals to contact us.

Our Battery Storage Partners

We are also providing battery storage systems and solutions to clients through our subsidiary company Immersa Energy, and its exclusive supplier of battery systems Autarsys GmbH. By matching your energy supply and demand, we can provide a bespoke energy system for your organisation which is competitive and cost effective. We offer energy storage solutions for all types of Renewable Energy Projects, Industrial, Commercial clients, Small and Medium sized Enterprises and Community groups.

Contact Immersa to discuss the options.

Principal Partners

Battery Storage in the Developing World

In the developing world, energy storage and renewable energy are together providing power to communities - this leap frogs the need for an electricity grid. Energy storage can make energy more available and affordable, and can help fight energy poverty.

We would be delighted to hear from you so drop us an email.